Real Men Provide…What?

This group would probably also speak out against deadbeat dads who don’t pay child support, and never see the irony in that.   “A billboard on Interstate 40 West near Winston-Salem is angering many who say its message is offensive to women. The board reads: “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.” The owner of a Winston-Salem women’s boutique called Kleur has organized a demonstration against the billboard’s message for Sunday at 11 a.m.

“We are NOT protesting that the sign is capable of existing, or the people who put it up, or the ad agency, or the right to put it up. We are protesting patriarchy and sexism, and that this antiquated way of thinking about women exists at all,” the group’s Facebook page said.

The protest takes place at the billboard’s location on I-40 West, headed into Winston -Salem from Kernersville. It is about 85 miles northeast of Charlotte.”  


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Maybe it’s YOU?

I just finished an article titled:

“Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?”

The author says,

“For the first time in years, I find myself feeling ugly. What changed was that I started dating men.”

It’s not the fault of “men.”

Maybe this writer needs more therapy or something.

“Know why men fear having sex with fat chicks? Because when fat chicks turn men on (and they do) a man feels like a pervert for letting himself be attracted to a fat chick.”

Thanks for “womansplaining” how men operate. This sounds like “toxic femininity” to me.

This kind of man bashing really rubs me the wrong way.

I’m going to stop here because the more I pick this apart, the worse I’ll feel about my manliness I guess.

As a happy and proud heterosexual man who loves beautiful, older, smart, sexy and funny women who aren’t afraid to let go sexually and challenge me intellectually, I’m more than happy to say that I love sex.

Men want to have sex all the time because that is just how we are-especially men with high testosterone.

Men are visual beings. We see a woman’s attractiveness first, then we become more attracted by getting the know them. It’s just how men are.

Men are attracted to younger, fit women because we are attracted to women who we want to have sex with. Why? It’s how everyone was and will be created to perpetuate the species. It’s basic biology.

If she hasn’t figured out that the way someone looks matters to men by now, she should countue to live a little and figure it out instead of trying to tell “men” how we should be.

Yeah…she should stick with women and all her problems will be solved..right?

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The Daily Grind – #fatherhood #rest #priorities


Fourteen years as a father has taught me a lot about life. It has opened my eyes to human nature, the way different people think. It has also helped me see myself in a different light.

I realize that I can push myself to do things that I don’t necessarily want to do.

Ever since I was a young man, I never liked getting up early. I think I’ve always been nocturnal and my circadian rhythm aligns more with night people than early birds. I seem to be wide awake from the hours of 6PM-2AM.

Anyone who has kids knows that staying up until 2AM only works if you have a partner or some other human being who will pick up the slack in the early mornings if you aren’t awake.

When babies are really young, they seem to be awake more than they are asleep. I remember when my aunt gave me one of the best pieces of advice when my daughter was born. She told me to sleep when the baby sleeps. I took in that info and made sure I slept whenever she did. It worked.

You see, being a full time musician, I often have to work late at night. Gigs might start at 10PM and get done at 2AM. Even when I’m playing in a Broadway show, I may start at 8PM and get done at 10:45PM – but I am usually wide awake afterward and can’t seem to wind down until 1AM or 2AM.

I have long accepted the fact that this is who I am and I’m better suited for waking at 9AM or later. It’s just how I operate. Unfortunately, that isn’t how the rest of the world works when kids are young or are in school. They need to get up and get out and be a part of the community that requires the to be present and awake for an 8:30AM start at school.

Due to the reality that I am a single father raising two kids and co-parenting with my ex-wife who lives separately from me, our agreement has me picking up our kids from her place Monday-Friday at 7:15AM to take them to school. This means that I have to get up at 6:30AM to get there on time. NOT FUN.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get through the day with such little sleep. Well, I’ve learned how to pace myself and take naps when I need to in order to get as much rest in as I can. Since I have to get them after school and make them dinner as well as help them with their homework and them bring them to their mother by 6PM, I need to have as many synapses firing as possible.

The agreement my ex-wife and I signed in 2008 was relevant to the time and the ages of the kids back then. Our kids are growing and things have definitely changed, but my dedication towards them hasn’t. I’ll endure the sleep deprivation and running around town for as long as it takes. I know that in a few more years both of my kids will be in height school and they will need me less and less on a regular basis. They will be going to school on their own and probably only checking in with me if they need money for something. It’s all good though. I’m making the most of the time I have now and I’m cherishing each moment.

Fighting through the lack of sleep and battling my natural circadian rhythm is tough at times, but my kids are worth the price.


NFL Star and Heinemann Trophy Winner Ricky Williams Harassed By Law Enforcement

Watch this. Just watch this and let me know if your blood doesn’t start to boil.

Their job is to “enforce the law” – better known as “arrest as many people as they can so they look good.”
You job is to say as little as possible.
Theirs is to get you to say as much as possible.
By the way, watch how they surround him like they are about to wrestle him to the ground and put him in a choke hold like Eric Garner.
And you wonder why we feel the way we do about law enforcement.


donald trump’s Complicated Form – #borderwall

Trump echoed this theme in an interview with ABC News’ David Muir on Wednesday, insisting, “We will be in a form reimbursed by Mexico, which I’ve always said. (lie)”
“We’ll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make from Mexico,” Trump continued. “I’m just telling you there will be a payment. It will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form.”
Here is that “complicated form.”
I’ve added new lines:
A New Line 46 – The Alternative FACT Tax :
“If you believe what FOX News says or you actually believe the rubbish coming from the mouth of Alex Jones is true, pay $50,000.”
Lines 75-77 are out and there will be a new question:
“Did you vote for Donald Trump? If yes, pease admit you are a sucker and extremely gullible and pay an additional $100,000 for the border wall that only YOU and your fellow trump voters will pay for.”
Line 79 – Amount You Owe:
“You (taxpayer) will never be able to repay the 65 million of us who hated this asshat. There may never be enough money for you to pay for the chaos and disgrace he has caused our nation in just one week. Just because we can, we are holding you responsible to pay and additional $500,000 in federal taxes. This amount will be taken out of any income you make anywhere in the world. It will be a tax that is as punitive as “child support” payments. You cannot get out of this obligation just like fathers can’t. If you cannot pay in 3 weeks, you must go to jail, have you passport taken away, your drivers license revoked, your professional and trade licenses will be taken possibly too. No getting out of this obligation, just like students cant get out of student loan debt. There is no filing for bankruptcy…EVER. Get on your knees and repent in front of anyone who hated trump and plead for forgiveness. Maybe after the midterm elections, we just might think of forgiving you and your fellow trump voters.”
Yup, that’s the “complicated form” Paul Ryan and Trump are talking about.

I despise our new president to the highest of ‘depsititivity’ and hope he fails miserably. He is unqualified, in way over his head and is quickly making our country a laughing stock. May he go down in infamy like Joseph McCarthy. Good riddance!

Bumbling Dads


As women left Montclair, N.J., for marches in Washington and New York, family routines were radically altered, and many fathers had to meet weekend demands alone.

Is this another “bumbling dad” piece?


This is The Onion right?


Kids need both parents. I’ve been saying this for years. When I learned about the movements in the 70’s through the 90’s to make it seem like fathers were the secondary parent, I dug deeper into the concept and realities of fatherhood.

Many thought, and apparently still think we are only good for the amount of money we can bring in for mothers or only good for the dollars that get taken out of our checks for “child” support.

Well you all are dead wrong.

I asked a few people recently what cause they are willing to go to jail for or even die for. This was because so many women were about to go to D.C. to march in solidarity with other women. After a few minutes of serious thought, that cause for me is the God given right to be 100% involved in my children’s lives without state interference.

NO ONE is taking my kids away. Not even that horrific, mother biased hell hole they call “family court.”

Yes, we can take care of the kids while mothers go and do their thing to protest trump or simply go to work. We can manage just fine without you. It’s ok ladies. We won’t burn the food, drown the kids in the shower, have toilet paper spread over the house. We got this. In fact, many of us have parenting skills that are often BETTER than mothers. Yeah, it’s true.

This is from a follow up piece on the New York Times about bumbling dads:

Here’s the silver lining, and the part I found exhilarating. The Metro editor, Wendell Jamieson, whose section produced the piece, unequivocally acknowledged that it was a mistake. “It was a bad idea from the get-go,” Jamieson said. “It was conceived with the best intentions, but it fell flat. And I regret it.”

Comment away…I’m ready to discuss the value of men, masculinity and fatherhood forever.

I’m sick of the idea of the bumbling dad. It’s 2017.