10 Responses to “Can You Cook?” That’ll Shut Him Down for Good


Trigger warning – for utter nonsense: This article is ridiculous. Just warning you.

1) I would never ask if a woman could cook. I expect it. I can cook and am damn good at it. Being able to provide for yourself is an essential part of survival as a human being. If you can’t cook, there is either some serious lack of home training or possible sheer laziness. If you can’t cook for yourself, you really need to learn how. Eating out every night, or cooking only prepared foods is expensive and can be unhealthy.
2) If anyone responded with the questions they suggest to ask in return, I would leave the dinner table and have her to pay for the dinner…#equality!
3) Stop being so damn defensive. Unball your fists..relax. The days of being so angry are over. You’ll never get a man acting like this. Well, you’ll never get a man like me. You might get some sucker who will bend over backwards and do everything to please you, but not the man you really want.

Good luck out there ladies! I’m glad I don’t have to deal with this BS anymore. Wow.

Go ahead and try to enjoy your date. How about asking each other more interesting questions? This is very shallow stuff:

10 Responses to “Can You Cook?” That’ll Shut Him Down for Good

by Ariana Gordon

So you meet Mr. Handsome, and you’re getting to know each other. That includes all the getting-to-know-you questions: “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” “Where’d you go to school?” “What’s your credit score?” (Ha! But, no, really…)

Then comes, “So… Can you cook?” At first glance, this doesn’t seem so bad. Almost legit, really, especially if either of you are interested in more than just a one-night stand. But what’s funny is that I can almost bet that the majority of the people reading that post would read it from the male point of view rather than the woman’s.

And who could blame you, really? For ages, society has told us that in the roles of the household, the title of Kitchen Queen belongs to the one that wears the skirt. That’s our domain. We cook, we clean, we nurture. Dassit. …Really?


So ladies, here are some questions and answers that’ll shut down that kitchen chatter in a heartbeat — and might even gain a laugh and a more appreciated potential mate.

Can You Change a Tire?
Now, if we’re stranded, since you wanna put me in a box, I’m gonna go full damsel-in-distress on you and call you if I have a flat tire and I’m “stranded” on the side of the road. Why should I ruin my pretty manicure when that’s your job, right?

Oh, and by the way, my daddy taught me to change a tire before I went to college, but I wouldn’t want to steal your shine. So go on and be my knight in shining armor, boo.

Can You Change My Oil?
Oil changes are a pain — especially when you’re broke. And, again, why ruin a perfectly good manicure on something your man should do? Oil is dirty and gross — two things that appeal to men, so I’m told. Can you get up under there and do what needs to be done when the time comes? I’ll wait.

Can You fix a Leak?
That drip-drip can be annoying — and expensive. So make sure you look as good with a wrench in your hand as we would with a spatula in ours. Again, a good plumber could get pricey. And we’d rather see your butt than a stranger’s (wink).

Is Your Penis Longer than 8”?
…I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Please, let this one be self-explanatory.


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