Month: January 2014

Barbara Kay on institutional feminism and misandry

Acknowledging the quiet feminist coup d’etat… the pernicious misandry… the militant and divisive zero-sum/win-lose assumptions of the ruling feminist movement… unfair treatment of males as disposable…the apparently shocking notion that women are capable of violence. Barbara Kay presents her politically incorrect views on the Micheal Coren Show.

Ex-spouses can get along — and not just for the holidays

This CAN happen: An excerpt from his article: Judy and John Reggio of Cranford, N.J., divorced in February after almost 17 years of marriage — but they’re not going to let that get in the way of some holiday traditions.…

Daddy’s Girl



10:10AM Jan 21, 2003 – The doctor and his crew yelled out “OH MY GOD!!” We wondered what was wrong. Was she born with two heads? Does she have webbed feet? Is she dead?

Nope. Sahaar was 9 pounds 11 ounces. A BIG baby.

11 years later, I still say OMG.

Fatherhood has changed my life for the better and I am thankful for two beautiful children. The truth is, when a couple finally gives birth to a boy or a girl, they are not having a “baby.” They are creating a human being. Kids grow fast. They really do.

I sacrificed a lot to be with both of my kids during the day and not miss out on the most important parts of their young childhood. No regrets at all. I also don’t regret fighting a court system hell-bent on breaking my family into pieces during my divorce. I’m so glad I fought…and WON.

I think I only have a year or two left with my daughter before the hormone rush kicks in and she won’t want to have anything to do with me. It’s ok. I get it. I didn’t miss a thing over the past 11 years.

I can’t wait to see her again when she comes back around after her teenage years and wants to hang with her dad again in her 20’s – LOL. I have a feeling that there is a good enough foundation for here to make good decisions.

Romeo Misses A Payment

Director and father Angelo Lobo exposes the wide-ranging devastation of the American divorce industry.

Romeo Misses A Payment documents the complicated world of divorce and child custody through dozens of interviews with parents, attorneys, judges, and law officers on all sides of the issue. Incendiary, controversial, insightful, heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant, Romeo Misses A Payment is a must-see documentary.

How Your Dad Determines Your Adult Relationships with Men

Father matter…for boys AND for girls. An excerpt from this article: Psychologists traditionally focus on the mother/child relationships and mostly ignore fathers, especially the father/daughter relationship. However, new research is increasingly concluding that fathers greatly influence their daughter’s self-esteem,…

Divorce Corp Reviews…so far

“Any divorce survivor will see rueful reminders of a destructive process. Any engaged couple should see it, period….” – Colin Covert Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Documentary tackles the divorce industry with the same zeal as the lawyers it rebukes….” – Eric Monder  Film Journal International

“Infuriating, but lacking the balance to be the take-down of a corrupt system that it claims to be….” – Roger Moore McClatchy-Tribune News Service

“After you see this entertaining documentary, you will be depressed about the U.S. divorce industry and may vow never to get married or have kids…” – Harvey S. Karten Compuserve

“The feel good movie of the year!!!” – Clayton Craddock The SoCraddock Method



Deadbeat Parents? State-Mandated Child Support Hurts The Ones It’s Supposed To Help

An excerpt from this article: By Ellen Kellner – Mindful thinker and author of ‘The Pro Child Way®: Parenting with an Ex’ Divorce attorneys are familiar with the child-support focus of their clients. “It’s the elephant in the room”, says one Palm Springs attorney who is…

Fatherlessness Begets Fatherlessness

An excerpt from this article: The Moralistic Fallacy – by JAMES TARANTO How value judgments cloud social thought. It may be true that fatherlessness begets fatherlessness, but widespread illegitimacy is a recent phenomenon whose ultimate causes demand inquiry. In his landmark…

Camille Paglia: A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues

I’m writing in Camille Paglia for president in 2016 whether she runs or not. An Excerpt from this article: The cultural critic on why ignoring the biological differences between men and women risks undermining Western civilization. In her view,…