Month: April 2014

Why the American Family-Court System is Broken

“To get divorced, you can’t just simply fill out a form that says ‘I’m divorced.’ You have to go to court and a judge has to approve the divorce,” says Divorce Corp’s Joe Sorge. “Breaking up is traumatic on its own, nevermind having to go to court and appear before a judge.”

Sorge argues that because the legal code to get a divorce is so complex, nearly all respective parties have to hire expensive lawyers and pay legal fees that make the average non-contested divorce cost between $10,000 and $20,000. A contested divorce can run well over $50,000.

“It’s the fourth most common cause of bankruptcy in the United States,” says Sorge.

Sorge sat down with Reason TV’s Tracy Oppenheimer to outline some of these institutional problems and possible resolutions that he addresses in his documentary and accompanying book, both titled Divorce Corp.

About 8 minutes.

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Camera by Zach Weissmueller and Alexis Garcia.

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Ignoring an Inequality Culprit: Single-Parent Families

Intellectuals fretting about income disparity are oddly silent regarding the decline of the two-parent family. An excerpt from this article: Suppose a scientific conference on cancer prevention never addressed smoking, on the grounds that in a free society you can’t…

Father’s suicide becomes rallying cry for fairness in court

An excerpt from a Glenn Sacks post but is no longer available. Here is more info: Thirty-five years ago today, Lillian White gave birth to her youngest son. Yesterday, she knelt down and kissed his coffin at his graveside.…

AVFM Interview with Dr. Stephen Baskerville

Baskerville, a professor at Patrick Henry Collegein Purcellville, VA and author of “Taken Into Custody,” has long been thought of as the academic hero of the fathers rights movement.  He has spoken extensively in the news media concerning the family courts and the demise of the rights of fathers.

His book, Taken Into Custody, is a must read.

Why Is Discussion of Boys and Men Opposed?

An excerpt from this article: This past week Professor Janice Fiamengo of the University of Ottawa was heckled (at Queens University) and, the next night, forced to stop speaking (at the University of Ottawa) because of the topic of her lecture: boys…