Month: May 2014

Punishment First, Trial Later, or Never: The Education Department’s Investigation of Tufts University

An excerpt from THIS article: by HANS BADER on MAY 21, 2014 · Imagine if you could be expelled from your dorm, or a class, just because someone accused you of something — even if the accusation was so weak…

When Men Are Raped

For some kinds of sexual victimization, men and women have roughly equal experiences Photo by Thomas Northcut/Thinkstock By Hanna Rosin – an excerpt from this article on Slate: Last year the National Crime Victimization Survey turned up a remarkable…

The World’s Toughest Job

Here is a different take on that silly viral video that was an advertisement for greeting cards…a thing that I DETEST anyway.

Motherhood is NOT the most difficult job. It’s not even a job. Neither is fatherhood. The thing is, parenting is not a job at all. It has some things in common with a job, but it’s a whole different thing altogether. As parents, we don’t get paid, we can’t quit if we get angry or pissed off, we can’t look around for better parenting jobs, we can’t sue our employer. In fact, we don’t even have an employer! We don’t have the option of not taking our work home with us when we don’t want to, we don’t receive any training, etc.

So to start with, the whole idea of parenthood being a job is nonsense from the beginning. Then, to go on and on with exaggerating the amount of work and expertise needed to be a parent, it not only creates guilt on the part of parents, it also makes it seem like the best parents are the ones who treat their kids as helpless and endangered for as long as possible. The quicker we raise self-sufficient, self-reliant human beings, the better. It is better for parents, better for children and better for society in general.

I can see through the nonsense of bullshit advertisement schemes and I hope that you do too in the future.




Sexual Assault on Campus–Is It Exaggerated?

An excerpt from this article by Cathy Young: Earlier this month, shortly after the announcement of a sexual harassment investigation targeting Yale University, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights issued a “Dear Colleague Letter” to colleges on the…