Month: July 2014

New Peanut Butter Cheerios Commercial: #HowToDad

Why a commercial? All of this is common knowledge isn’t it?

I like the fact that it’s the right mix of fun and responsible, which the vast majority of fathers are anyway. After years of ads like THIS and reports of how negatively men are portrayed in advertisements over the years, we finally have images of a father who is actually cool, funny, interesting, loving, caring, and runs his home. I’ve had it with the nonsense and I’m glad the fight is starting to pay off. Check this out:

Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind ad and the facts they didn’t tell you

Do girls fall behind in science and engineering because our society tells them they should be pretty, rather than, “pretty brilliant?” That’s the message of a new viral Verizon campaign. But the Factual Feminist shows that many inconvenient facts were held back to construct the the misleading narrative.

Mothers who deny fathers access to the couple’s children after a break-up could be jailed

An excerpt from this article: Separated parents who fail to allow their partners to maintain a proper relationship with their children could be stripped of driving licenses or passports, hit with curfews, ordered to do a period of unpaid work…

The Myth of the Empowered Working Class Single Mother

An excerpt from this article: I’ve been coming across a lot of articles about how working and lower middle class women are better off raising their kids “alone.” It’s a bit baffling, really, because taking care of a baby…

“Fatherhood is fantastic, fantastic. Whatever is second best is a distant second.”

“The advice I would give is ‘you can’t get it back.’ The day you didn’t go to the game, you can’t get that back. You didn’t go. The hotel room that goes unsold will never be sold. The day you didn’t spend, you didn’t spend. That is a big regret of mine; that I didn’t do more.”

“It’s the first time in your life,” he shares. “You don’t have to love your wife–that’s why there is divorce. You don’t divorce your children. There are things about your children that will annoy you, but the love is spectacular.”

“Yesterday, my son pitched three scoreless innings for Notre Dame’s scrimmage game. I was sitting in the stands at the beautiful field at Notre Dame. He was pitching and standing on the mound with that regal look…I just looked at him and could almost cry. I flashed back to the day he was born and the day I took him to his first game. And there he is, standing with that regal look. He struck out a guy…that jolt just goes through your heart. He asked me, ‘Do you root for me more than you root for the Dodgers?’ and I said, ‘Of course!’”

The Feminist Leader Who Became a Men’s-Rights Activist

An excerpt from this article: DeCrow raised eyebrows in 1981 when she served as defense counsel to Frank Serpico, the former New York detective and whistleblower, in a paternity suit. Serpico claimed the plaintiff had used him as a…

Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains!

An excerpt from this article: Progressives, especially those among the feminists camp, have spent decades clawing at their (bare…hairy) chests while screaming that men don’t have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies. Conservative men, as…

Why fathers still matter

An excerpt from THIS article: Take the sentence “there are some things only a mother can provide.” Does anyone disagree with that? You say “nurturing,” everyone nods. You say “unconditional love,” everyone nods. But try saying that sentence about a…