Month: November 2014

The Brotherhood of the Stay-at-Home Dad

An excerpt from this article: “Choo-choo-wa! Choo-choo-wa! Choo-choo-wa-wa-wah!” The words — the theme song of a children’s cartoon — were being bellowed by six grown men huddled on a makeshift stage in a hotel banquet room. The song leader,…

Why Feminism Is NOT ‘The Fight for Equal Rights’

An excerpt from this article: By Chris Good – Writer, Blogger, Musician, habitual Tinderer and coffee addict. Is feminism fighting for equality? With respect, no, it isn’t. Here’s why. The fight for ‘equality’ of the first two waves of feminism fought to…

Bill would increase noncustodial parents’ time with children

From this article: SALT LAKE CITY — A grandmother who helped her son wage a custody battle for his children endorsed proposed legislation that would give courts another option in determining parent time in divorce cases. The proposal, considered…

It’s Time To Push Back Against Feminist Bullies

An excerpt from this article: How many times have you heard the line that feminism is simply “the radical notion that women are people”? And when was the last time you thought that sentiment even remotely expressed whatever the h-e-double-hockey-sticks…

Photographs that Challenge the Stereotype of the Absent Black Father

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If you trust the image painted by popular culture and the media at large, it’s easy to come to the assumption that African-American fatherhood is something of an oxymoron. The stereotype depicts black fathers as universally absent, uncaring or otherwise uninvolved.

But as with most stereotypes, it misses the mark. And photographer Zun Lee‘s powerful new book “Father Figure: Exploring Alternate Notions of Black FatherhoodZun Lee” seeks to show the other side of the coin and challenge this generalization.

The inspiration behind the Father Figure series and now book comes from Lee’s own broken past. Not long ago, he discovered that his biological father was a black man with whom his mother had had a brief affair, and this revelation made him question how his life might have been different if his black father had stayed.

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Subjective Annoyance…or let’s call it “Street Harassment” – The Not So Subtle Racism of Hollaback

There are now two videos making the rounds on the information superhighway. A few days ago it was that video of children using the F word for that radical ideological cult they call gender feminism. FCKH8 used shocking images, inflammatory and incorrect…