Month: June 2015

Who’s Lying, Who’s Self-Justifying? Origins of the He Said/She Said Gap in Sexual Allegations


The Woody Allen sex scandal of 2013 triggered a national conversation on who to believe, with people lining up on each side as if they knew what really happened. Based on recent research on how people navigate the often tricky waters of sexual negotiation, Dr. Carol Tavris shows that it is entirely possible in some sexual assault cases neither side is lying, but instead both sides feel justified in their positions. This talk was considered one of the best ever given at The Amazing Meeting.


As if teachers’ jobs aren’t hard enough, they’re asked to fix poverty, too

Big ideas in public education, such as the Obama administration’s Race to the Top and Teach For America, often say teachers could improve inequality. Dana Goldstein, author of The Teacher Wars, sat down with us to explain why this is magical thinking that’s been around since the 1800s.

For more on public education reform, Goldstein also contributed a feature to Vox on how Teach For America is starting to seriously reform after 20 years of criticism.…

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The disconnect between how we view child support laws and how they actually work

A study found that the views of much of the public differ from how child support laws actually work, with more focus on children’s welfare from the public. An excerpt from this article: The public views court-ordered formulas calculating child…

Title IX, the All-Purpose Leftist Excuse because It allows persecution of anyone who contravenes feminist doctrine.

An Excerpt from this article: If you are a dissenting professor or a male student in modern American higher education, there is a chance that you’ll be subjected to legal proceedings so bizarre, so opaque, and so unfair that you…

Why do high-profile campus rape stories keep falling apart?

An excerpt from this article in the Washington Post: At Slate, Emily Yoffe digs into the one of the poster cases for the anti-campus rape advocacy film “The Hunting Ground” and finds some devastating flaws in how the movie portrays…