Month: September 2016

Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate? | We the Internet Documentary

Around the county college students are silencing speakers in the name of safe spaces. Filmmaker Rob Montz visits his alma mater of Brown University to find out what happened to free speech and debate on campus in We the Internet’s first mini documentary. Do you think free speech will survive the modern college campus?


Mattress company responds to 9/11 offensive ad controversy

Why not have a Martin Luther KING SIZE mattress sale next January instead? You must be a black male and lay down on a mattress – then be photographed as if you are in a coffin first to qualify for a discount (of 1%).

How about full size women get double stuffed, pillow top mattresses? More cushion for the pushin’! They will measure your waist with a measuring tape and put you on a scale to see if you qualify.

Hmmm, I have an Idea…if you show up in drag, then dance around the store, we will give you a QUEEN sized mattress!!

Some ideas just need to stay inside of your head and not on a promotional youtube video. What is WONG with people? #badtaste #poorjudgement