Bleeding Heart Liberal

The more I see the inside of this place, the less of a bleeding heart I become. The more I get dragged into this place, the more determined I am to spend the rest of my life demanding “equality” for fathers like me. The more times I have to waste MY precious, hard earned money- and my adversary wastes YOUR TAX DOLLARS because people like them don’t have to pay for an attorney because they are not telling the complete truth, the more I’ll speak out about the ridiculous bias I have seen since August 17, 2007.
I was as “liberal” as they come for a good 15 or so years after college. I was somewhat militant after leaving Howard University and was angry that I never learned the history of the descendants of African Slaves, as well as the history of the great continent of Africa. I was a little bitter and confused as to why I never learned things in high school or from my parents. I eventually found answers but it was frustrating at the time.

My anger subsided over the years. My worldview was challenged while living in Jersey City, NJ. I worked at place called Pershing, which was a clearing house for trades done by Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. I worked in the International Clearance Department and sat with about 5 other co-workers. 

Two of these people were rather conservative. We would have serious debates while we spoke about the topics of the day and I would fight back when they would say things that I though were utterly foolish. They would talk about how government was too big and was wasting lots of money on programs that reaped no long term benefits. They would talk about how transformative of a president Ronald Reagan was and how he brought the country out of years of decreasing pride and made us a stronger nation financially and militarily. 

I didn’t have the knowledge then that I have now. I could have told them the dark side of Reagan’s policies on the poor and how he was instrumental in increasing the federal debt to unprecedented levels. I didn’t even have the knowledge to school them on how back in 1995, the economy was starting to explode under a Democratic president and congress. 

It was my research into matrimonial law, societal trends and relationships that exposed me to the reality of what the legacy of conservative and liberal policies brought to our country and how things affected me personally. My research revealed the it was under the administration of the Reagan governorship where the no fault law was introduced into the American lexicon. He later stated publicly that signing into law the first no-fault law was one of the biggest mistakes of his political career. No fault laws allow one spouse to unilaterally break the marriage contracts without any cause. It ushered into existence the divorce boom of the 1970’s and the increase of single motherhood, fatherlessness, bigger family courts, child support enforcement agencies, and all of the other nonsense that comes with divorce. 

My research also revealed how the Gerald Ford administration was cautious about the legislation that allowed the government to be able to intrude into the family with the 1975 Welfare Act. I also saw how the “Great Society” programs in the 60’s allowed more people to be dependent on city state and federal government. I saw how the 80’s, when Ronald Reagan was in power as president, his administration exacerbated the chasm between the haves and have nots. I saw that the Carter administration was virtually inept because of his nice guy image. I saw how the tenor of the late 80’s and the race baiting by conservatives with their welfare queen and Willie Horton “black man as perpetual criminal and rapist” propaganda ushered in draconian drug laws. Ultra liberal Bill Clinton, who was a serial rapist and sexual harasser (but was never labeled that because feminists loved him) not only increased the power of the federal government but used the federal government as the carrot, and the threat of withholding federal funds as the stick to increase their power to incarcerate, as well as force fathers into debtors prison with child support laws that made absolutely NO sense. 

While the federal government might have been doing well, the rich became richer and the poor poorer under Clinton. The stock market rebounded and the debt was zero, but things were not any better for the average man. Wages have been stagnant for decades but those in power only got more powerful and richer. The Federal government got back into more debt under George Bush, but miraculously the rich became richer, especially in NYC. The federal government got even bigger, more intrusive and powerful. 
Only in the past few years “liberals” are finally seeing the problem with mass incarceration, even though Hillary Clinton’s husband allowed conservatives to write ridiculous laws that enabled it. Now, Hillary Clinton wants to apologize and claim something is wrong with the police and our judicial system? It’s interesting how she and her husband want to get back in power to correct the problems that her husband’s administration created.

Have you ever heard of the Moynihan Report? Go look it up. Daniel Patrick Moynihan already figured out what was coming. The problem was that in attempting to create a “Great Society” we created a monster of government dependence. We created millions of people dedicated to dependence on a system because they feel they are permanent victims. Some feel they are victims because they have the same skin color as me, or they are victims because they are attracted to the same sex and feel discriminated against everywhere. Some are victims because they are born with a vagina. Now, some are victims because they are white men and those feminists hate them in oh so many ways.

Victim-victim-VICTIM!! Everyone line up to claim biggest victim and get government help!

I’m sick of it.

I’m all about helping those in need but I’m also sick of people abusing the system. I’m sick of politicians abusing the treasury department by sucking up our taxes and funneling the money to their friends through independent contractors and creating perpetual wars. I’m sick of the never ending increase in the number of protected classes of people who need more government to protect them. It costs real money that comes from somewhere.
I really feel we all need to take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming others entirely for your current situation.

From what I’ve seen since over the years is that I’ve gotten a really rude awakening into the reality of the world we live in. It was inside of family court where I saw how the real world can change your perceptions overnight. I started to see things clearly. During my transformation, I began to realize that many “liberals” either ignore human nature or think it does not exist. It does exist.  Conservatives tend to see the reality of human nature but unfortunately, many of them take advantage of that fact from time to time. While I want a utopian world and I wish everyone would live in peace and harmony, I know that has never been the case and never will be. This is the reality I came to live in thanks to my awakening in this building.
I certainly won’t ever be the bleeding heart liberal I once was. I see how both the political left AND right can be corrupted and look out for their own most of the time. I won’t be a conservative nut job either. I can’t subscribe to their “take it or leave” it mentality most of the time. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle and that is where I choose to live.

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