Choosing single motherhood

Why would anyone want to CHOOSE to run a marathon with one leg? Yeah, it can be done but, it is infinitely better with both legs.

Choosing single motherhood is unwise. Please think thrice before making such a monumental decision.

If you want to follow the fad/experiment of choosing single motherhood, look no further than your closest ghetto to see how that has worked out. Not a pretty sight huh?

From a peak of $49,089 in 2006, shortly before the start of the recession, annual median income for single-father families in 2010 fell to $34,078, when adjusted for inflation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, a dramatic decline of more than $15,000. During the same period, single-mother families lost nearly $2,000, declining from a peak of $28,147 in 2006 to an inflation-adjusted $26,244 — just $505 a week. By contrast, the median income in 2010 for married-couple families was $89,906.

Marriage is best for children, adults and every society since the dawn of time.

Children need a mother AND a father.

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  1. January 9, 2016 at 4:43 PM

    I know you know this, Clayton, but income is only the tip of the iceberg. Women who select this option have plenty of support, sympathy and status awarded them for the claiming of it, and I know they know this too. It is downright fashionable even, presidents make speeches about their heroinism, and TV shows are built around portraying them as dogged survivors and enlightened parents. Good for them…

    But the brutal part of it is, a father represents half a child’s human heritage and history.

    What does it mean to a child, whose father is either upheld as a permanent villain or treated as if he doesn’t exist?

    The child is raised to be half a human being, is what.

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