Genderless Dogs

Lol!!! Keep this is up and we continue will have a nice rocky 7 more years of president trump. Can someone neuter the people who speak in college code?

The things they come up with are bizarre. I laugh at it all now.

No sex without ENTHUSIASTIC CONTINUING CONSENT from your partner. Meaning, at every move, you must ask your partner if it is ok. “May I touch you there?” It’s a real thing these college folks thought up about 6 years ago.

Genderless names. You must ask what someone’s preferred pronoun is. Trigger warnings before reading books. Safe spaces.

Now this.

I’m gonna make sure I no longer assign genders to my drumsticks. I’m gonna ask for consent from my drums before I beat, I mean play them. There will be a trigger warning before every Broadway show (for possible sexual intimacy). We will set up safe spaces at the next metal show so that you won’t get an elbow in the chest in the mosh pit.


After every verse in a love song, we will stop and make sure that it’s ok to continue. We need consent to sing about potential consent and need to do it every step of the way.

(Can I continue?)


(Are you ok with this?)



“If you love and care for your pet it is important not to misgender them. Try to give them a gender-neutral name instead and calling them gender neutral pronouns like they and them. You may be thinking “why is this important? This is just an animal?” Well it is important because typically pets are more important to their owners than just “animals.” Also, it’s an important way to practice getting rid of gender norms all together.”


Read more here:

Don’t Gender your Pets

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