Never Good Enough


No good deed goes unpunished?

Well, there will be a time when good deeds will no longer be done.

There are just some people who will forever be ungrateful. I do my best to stay as far away from them as humanly possible. I would rather spend my energy on those who will appreciate things.

I’m sure many men can relate to the situation where you do all that you cant to please your wife and it is never good enough. You go out and buy her flowers and she tells you that they aren’t the ones she really likes. You clean the house for her after her hard day at work and she tells you that you forgot to dust a piece of furniture. You go to the lengths of leaving a career path that is really exciting and potentially financially rewarding in order to make her feel more secure but in the end it sucks the life from your soul, You try to do the right things over and over again but it just isn’t good enough. You feel like you are doing something wrong and you are the bad guy.

These little things start to add up over time. Eventually you start to resent her and the relationship becomes unbearable because her expectations are not aligned with reality. She isn’t actually interested in you. She wants the ideal person that she can mold into the perfect man. The problem is that she picked you and not the one in her head.

There will come a day when you figure out that you don’t need to try to please people in the way you were taught by our society. It seems as if we are taught to bend over backwards for people in every single way. Happy wife happy life? Keep your wife happy? You’ve heard similar expressions. I know you have. Well, I’m here to tell you that they are all wrong.

There comes a time for self care. We cannot spend all of our lives trying to please our spouse, trying to make our kids happy and generally neglecting our own well being.

I know that for myself, once I flipped the switch from trying to constantly please my ex and kids, and finally got the courage to do what was right for me, there was a massive turnaround. Things got better financially, romantically, spiritually and in the end there was much more positive energy coming from my soul.

I could almost instantly recognize people with the energy that was in direct contrast to mine. I was quickly able to get myself out of any situation where I needed to escape negativity. I no longer did things for people who were ungrateful. It was empowering.

I slip back into my nice guy mode from time to time and get burned. But, I learned to immediately cut those off who are unappreciative. I move on and don’t look back. I need reminders from time to time about human nature.

Bottom line? Look out for number 1…and that is YOU. All else will fall into place.



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