Genderless Dogs

Lol!!! Keep this is up and we continue will have a nice rocky 7 more years of president trump. Can someone neuter the people who speak in college code?

The things they come up with are bizarre. I laugh at it all now.

No sex without ENTHUSIASTIC CONTINUING CONSENT from your partner. Meaning, at every move, you must ask your partner if it is ok. “May I touch you there?” It’s a real thing these college folks thought up about 6 years ago.

Genderless names. You must ask what someone’s preferred pronoun is. Trigger warnings before reading books. Safe spaces.

Now this.

I’m gonna make sure I no longer assign genders to my drumsticks. I’m gonna ask for consent from my drums before I beat, I mean play them. There will be a trigger warning before every Broadway show (for possible sexual intimacy). We will set up safe spaces at the next metal show so that you won’t get an elbow in the chest in the mosh pit.


After every verse in a love song, we will stop and make sure that it’s ok to continue. We need consent to sing about potential consent and need to do it every step of the way.

(Can I continue?)


(Are you ok with this?)



“If you love and care for your pet it is important not to misgender them. Try to give them a gender-neutral name instead and calling them gender neutral pronouns like they and them. You may be thinking “why is this important? This is just an animal?” Well it is important because typically pets are more important to their owners than just “animals.” Also, it’s an important way to practice getting rid of gender norms all together.”


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Don’t Gender your Pets


“In a report published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, data from more than 26,000 people showed longer work hours and the use of pornography didn’t correlate with the decline in sexual activity. Nor did factors like gender, race, income, or level of education. Instead, trends toward helicopter parenting and a growing body of unmarried people seem to be the deciding factors.

“We’re seeing more helicopter parenting, which is zapping energy that could go toward sex and other sensual activities,” sexuality counselor Eric Marlowe Garrison, who was not involved with the survey, told CNN.

The term “helicopter parent” was coined in 1990, by child development researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay. It refers to a parent who prefers to monitor their child’s behavior in nearly all aspects of their life, from chores to playtime to schoolwork – typically, to allay the parent’s fears of harm or failure.”

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I thought trump banned Somalians? Police terrorists now?

This is a story with several twists.

The reality is that this country rarely cares about certain things unless they see it destroying the lives of white families.

Police brutality? What are you talking about? Heroin problem? It’s their fault! They need to learn “personal responsibility.”
Can’t get a job, can’t afford health coverage, gotta get on disability (welfare)…it’s your fault!!! Now, things are affecting more than the welfare queen and the black male thug.

Those same problems are affecting white men and white women. We’ll see how things change when more mistakes like this police shooting occur.



What will people say about this? Will they use the same rhetoric used with the killings of black people?



How about this:

She must have been resisting!

Let’s take a look at what happened before the video…what no video?!?

She was a thug!

She must have smoked weed in the past!

She’s not American…


* Justine Damond was shot dead by police after calling 911 on Saturday night
* She had reportedly been speaking to police through the driver’s side window
* Ms Damond was shot by officer sitting in the passenger seat through driver door
* Mohamed Noor has been named as the officer who shot 40-year-old Australian
* His lawyer Tom Plunkett confirmed he fired his weapon on Saturday night
* Friends say Ms Damond had spoken out against gun laws in America previously
* She moved to Minnesota to marry ‘rockstar love of her life’, Don Damond, 50


Campus Rape Policies Get a New Look as the Accused Get DeVos’s Ear

It’s time to get rid of that ridiculous Title IX nonsense that Obama implemented in 2011.

That Dear Colleague guidance that changed the goal posts and allowed colleges the ability to set up kangaroo courts to deal with alleged CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, has to be changed. It just has to.
The slogans that came from this guidance “teach men not to rape,” “rape culture,” “1 in 4,” all stemmed from the Title IX hysteria from 2011.

If there is criminal behavior on college campuses or anywhere else, the police must be involved. Not college administrators.

Let me just say cases like Duke Lacrosse, Rolling Stone/UVA, Paul Nunsenger and the “Mattress Girl” at Columbia University and dozens of other incidents, made my blood boil.


“Betsy DeVos’s Education Department is re-evaluating the get-tough policies on campus sexual assault that were enforced by the Obama administration.”

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Republican Wrecking Ball Presidents


“Trump will destroy himself (and perhaps the country) long before he destroys the good name of Barack Obama.

The American Presidential history pattern is clear:

Democrat Bill Clinton, well-spoken, bright, won his election outright, raised taxes, improved the economy, socially progressive, no catastrophes (except for right-wingers who prosecuted him for his erections)

Republican George W. Bush, inarticulate, incurious, appointed to the President by Supreme Court hacks, slashed taxes, started idiotic wars, deregulated the economy over a cliff and destroyed the country

Democrat Barack Obama, terrific speaker, thoughtful, articulate, won his election outright, implemented universal health care, championed social and environmental progress, raised taxes and presided over an economic recovery from the Bush-Cheney Depression

Republican Donald Trump, 4th grade speaker, narcissistic, serious personality disorders, biggest popular vote loser President in history ‘elected’ under a Russian cloud, ready to slash taxes, destroy health care access, flush the climate sown the toilet and has no coherent policy about anything; will likely destroy the economy with trickle-down nincompoopery.

For some reason, Americans have a bipolar need to alternate between bright, responsible Democrats and reckless Republican morons in their Presidents.

Modern history tells the story very clearly.

Republican wrecking-ball Presidents destroy the country.

Democratic brainy Presidents clean up the mess.”

Renewable Relationship Contracts

If a couple has gotten to this point before “marriage,” they are 99.9% ready for the contract they will sign with the state.
I’d say they should get married for the legal and financial benefits instead of messing around with this kind of thing.
Whatcha waiting for?
And yeah, all state marriage contracts should be renewable. This is 2017 y’all. Times done changed for the better.
Writing a relationship contract may sound calculating or unromantic, but every relationship is contractual; we’re just making the terms more explicit. It reminds us that love isn’t something that happens to us — it’s something we’re making together. After all, this approach brought us together in the first place.