The Confederate Generals

My new NFL football team is going to be called the Confederate Soldiers. I plan on hiring the WORST players so we lose on purpose like the Washington Generals did when they played the Globetrotters.

Our motto? “The South will NEVER Rise Again!”

Our logo? The Confederate Battle flag but it will be colored Red Black and Green.

I plan on losing like the confederate states did and whine about it like butt hurt snowflakes for over 150 years.

I’m only recruiting players from Liberty University too!!!

Our mascot will be called Jeff Davis or General Lee and he will be chased around the field by a black man on a horse. The crowd will cheer wildly when he gets strung up like a baby steer in a rodeo during halftime.

The band will play Hail To The Chief on a constant loop throughout the entire game and will be performed by an all Muslim Mariachi band with each player playing in different keys.

I want to be as disparaging as I can possibly be.


I’m somewhat kidding.

I totally understand the ruling. I just think it would be fun to poke fun at the anarchist right-wing folks who think we are going back to 1955 again.

Justices Strike Down Law Banning Disparaging Trademarks

“WASHINGTON — In a decision likely to bolster the Washington Redskins’ efforts to protect their trademarks, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the government may not refuse to register potentially offensive names. A law denying protection to disparaging trademarks, the court said, violated the First Amendment.

The decision was unanimous, but the justices were divided on the reasoning.”

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Liberals Gone Wild! Evergreen State

Evergreen State…CHECK!! This is another college where I refuse to have my kids attend for college.

Every campus where rubbish like this happens is another college I check off the list of places where my kids won’t attend There are apparently people who are living in SeanSpicerian alternate reality.
“Adoption of a new policy where every official event at the college will start with an acknowledgment that Evergreen State is on land stolen from
Native Americans.”

Name a place in the US where this isn’t the case?

There is no such thing as a “safe space”and there shouldn’t be.

I hope this stuff is run out of campus life in four years.

I actually think my kids don’t even need this kind of experience to do what they say they want to do for a career at the moment anyway. Plus, I sure ain’t payin’ these outrageous prices. Also, they sure ain’t going into debt to be subjected to this kind of stuff.

The conservatives lost md when they suppprted that idiot we have in the White House now. If this is what represents liberals, count me out!

Read this:

“Students demand firing of Evergreen State professor. Police chief urges him to stay off campus for his safety. Supporters say he’s the one upholding principles of equity.”



After divorce, shared parenting is best for children’s health, development

We now have more than 50 studies of joint physical custody. Using different methods, and examining families in the United States and abroad, the results are encouraging: children who spend at least 35 percent time with each parent, rather than live with one and visit the other, have better relationships with their fathers and mothers and do better academically, socially, and psychologically. As will be described next week at the International Conference on Shared Parenting in Boston, they get better grades; are less likely to smoke, get drunk, and use drugs; and are less susceptible to anxiety, depression, and stress-related illnesses.

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Jordan B. Peterson – Harvard Talk: Postmodernism & the Mask of Compassion

“The reprehensible ideologies that are based in fundamental Marxism killed at least a hundred million people in the twentieth century, and there are still apologists. One in five scientists identifies as a Marxist.

What happened in the 1960s, as far as I can tell, and this happened most in France — which have probably produced the most reprehensible coterie of public intellectuals that any country has ever managed, is that in the late 1960s when all the student activists had decided that the real Marxist revolution wasn’t going to occur in the Western world, and had finally realized that apologizing for the Soviet system was just not gonna fly anymore given the tens of millions of bodies that had stacked up, that they performed what I would call a philosophical sleight of hand and transformed a class war into identity politics of war. And that became extraordinarily popular.”

“It’s everywhere, it’s not just in campus protests. The campuses are overrun in large part with disciplines that have, in my estimation, no valid reason to exist. I think disciplines like ‘women’s studies’ should be defunded. Any of the activist disciplines whose primary role is the overthrow of ‘the patriarchy,’ which is about as ill-defined a concept as you could possibly formulate … we’ve done enough public funding of that sort of thing.

We’re providing full-time destructive employment for people who are doing nothing but causing trouble. … what they promote has zero intellectual credibility. Their research methods don’t qualify as research methods. Their publications — eighty percent of publications now garner zero citations.”


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