55 years of Marriage 

Today is my parents’ 55th wedding anniversary. They are the model for what long-term relationships are supposed to be. No marriage is perfect, but theirs seems like it has stood the test of time. I feel their partnership is what a good marriage can ultimately be. I certainly know what a bad marriage looks like, since I was once in one.

My parents are people who I still admire and look up to for all they have accomplished in their lives. It’s rare for people to be married as long as they have been. It is unfortunate our society doesn’t have more models like them to emulate.
55 years is a long time to be with one person. I don’t know how they did it but glad they are still alive and kicking. I’m also happy that they are still together for me, my two sisters and their grandkids.
Even though they will probably never see this post (since they aren’t on social media), and I’ve already spoken to them, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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