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Critical thinking is the process we use to reflect on, access and judge the assumptions underlying our ideas and actions. The art of Socratic questioning is important for the critical thinker because the art of questioning is important when it comes to the highest levels of thought. I use my blog, writing, workshops and speeches to help people re-think relationships, marriage, fatherhood, our cultural norms, parenting and especially our culture of divorce.

I founded The SoCraddock Method as a way to help people think critically. I write about a variety of topics and explore issues related to fatherhood, relationships, politics, parenting and current events. I also provide content for a variety of online publications including The Good Men Project and A Voice For Men.

One of my main goals is the help people understand their options, seeing the bigger picture and to be proactive.
Contact me for more information here: clayton@socraddockmethod.com or on twitter @claytoncraddock

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  1. February 7, 2013 at 3:34 AM

    Hey bro,
    One musician and fatherhood advocate to another ….i like this…good stuff. Let’s stay connected. I’m also on the Bronx Borough Prez’s ‘Bronx Fathers Taking Action ‘ committee and working with the Allan Houston Foundations father knows best basketball Tour – going on right now. Your first picture reminds me of my book. Hope you can check it out: ” Imitating The Fatherhood of God” … Amazon, BN.com, Xlibris …available in ebook and Paperback,

    One love


  2. Goddey Asemota
    April 1, 2015 at 4:58 PM

    My name is Goddey Asemota, I am a video producer/ journalist for Declassified Agenda/ Brooklyn Independent media. I am working on a short peice entitled Dont Say Nothing: How anti street harassment movement is a attack on black and latino men. In doing my research i came across the article you wrote on avoiceformen.com and felt strongly about your points and wanted to know if you where available for a sit down video interview sometime next week. With the warm weather approaching we realize that anti street harassment movement will be in full effect and we feel we need to find a way to a have fair and partial debate on both sides. I have attached previous episodes of Declassified Agenda for you to get the feel of the kind of content we produce. Looking forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully working together.
    Goddey Asemota

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