Child Support Is More Like Child Extort

I’m so glad I was proactive and made sure I stopped the bleeding before it got worse. I refused to pay child support. I think the whole idea is ridiculous and it needs to be totally overhauled and updated to reflect modern society.

I see child support as just another form of spousal support, or baby momma support because very few jurisdictions demand accountability as to how these funds are to be spent. If recipients of child support had to be held accountable for every dime that is spent, we would see the reality of the abuse that this system truly is. I cringe when I hear stories of people who can barely support themselves because the vast majority of the child support money is funneled through the state to their ex. It is criminal.

I suggest joining organizations like the National Parent’s Organization. I recently became a member and I have already had a discussion with my state senator about issues like this, but specifically shared parenting.

It’s time to make serious changes in the laws in each state and hold elected officials and judges accountable for upholding the laws.

Here is an excerpt from an article you might find interesting:

April 20, 2014 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

How many times have child support reform advocates explained to state legislatures that taking away a person’s license to drive doesn’t exactly help them get or maintain the very job they need in order to pay the support the legislature claims it wants paid? The same holds true for various occupational and professional licenses, passports and the like. But legislatures and judges are so convinced of the myth that all non-custodial fathers want is to avoid supporting their children, that reason and good sense go by the wayside.

Now, we’ve heard family lawyers claim that, when faced with prison, fathers always magically find the cash to get current. But Padilla’s experience gives the lie to that claim.

His family and friends had to pool together the money so he wouldn’t go to jail, Padilla said, adding he has been behind because he has had a hard time trying to find a job after getting laid off a few months ago.

Ah, so that’s where that money the lawyers talk about miraculously comes from – family and friends. No, they don’t owe it; the child isn’t theirs, but they scratch together what they can so their friend, uncle, neighbor doesn’t have to go to jail and accrue still more indebtedness. It’s one of the most abusive aspects of an abusive system; who ends up paying are often people with no obligation to do so, no court order against them. Those lawyers think the system works, but in fact it simply extends the court’s reach further and abuses random people arbitrarily.

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