Government To The Rescue!!!

In his remarks Thursday, the president made several telling points. First, the big-government approach won’t work:

“Government can’t play the only — or even primary — role,” he said. “We can’t replace the role of the parent.”
Second, the First Dad also spoke candidly about the negative impact of not having a father around had on his own life: “I didn’t have a Dad in the house . . . I made bad choices. I got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. I didn’t always take school as seriously as I should have.”
Third, the president said there are “key moments in the life of a boy or young man of color that will, more often than not, determine whether he succeeds or falls through the cracks.” Some of these moments have to do with schools. As the president noted, a child who cannot read by third grade is four times less likely to get his diploma than a child who does.



The 50 year effort to dismantle the family has been a disaster. The Moynihan Report, released in the mid 60’s predicted everything that is happening now.

I trust NO government official that looks for behavioral changes as a fix to deeply embedded structural and societal problems.

Pulling your pants up and refraining from calling each other names are symptomatic fixes, but re-writing domestic relation laws, eliminating bias in our family court system, and creating incentives for families to stay together are, in my opinion, much better solutions to an ever increasing multi-generational issue. In fact we might be better eliminating the entire family court system.

I can’t stand it when politicians on the political left try to come to the rescue of the people they destroyed after they finally come to the reality that their Marxist utopian dreams fell flat.

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