Khaaliq Thomas is a professional photographer, custodial father of 3 children and is recently divorced. For the past year he has been working on a photo documentary concentrating on single/custodial father households.

Purpose of The Project
After fighting for custody of my kids, experiencing my own difficulties with the courts and facing the challenges of a single parent, I was led to seek out others with similar stories. I’m driven by the fact that single fathers need to be recognized for their unselfish commitment to their families. The documentary is not focused on fathers of a specific ethnic background or economic status. The purpose is to examine the single father household in all of its many colors, variations and origins. From the tireless dad who fought for years to win custody of his kids to the widowed family that lost a mom. These stories will share with the world the dedicated ability, struggles and unconditional love of these fathers and the families they raise and nurture.

I currently have 2 dads but need another 3 – 5 participants. My goal, after collecting these additional participants, is to travel to various cities within the US and Canada photographing these families for a truly diverse look into these unconventional family structures. Attention will be given to the personality of each individual home. The history of the family and how it came to be, the members of the family and their daily activities, identities and challenges. The finished project will consist of a 120 page full color photo book being released on Father Day 2014. I’m using Kickstarter to raise the funds, for the year long study. The funds will be used to search for more dads through advertising, the printing and design of the book and traveling expenses. Help me to share the lives and hearts of these families, to salute these exceptional fathers and to inspire others.



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