Mentoring- I should have done this a long time ago. I’m really enjoying the conversations I’m having with the kids who I spend time with every other week.

I was turned on to the idea of being a mentor through an old college friend. He has been doing it for years and he is totally dedicated to the people he has been working with. I have other friends over the years who have been doing similar things and they have told me about the joy that comes with helping to shape the minds of our youth.

Those who think that nothing is being done to address the issues in certain communities where there are serious problems are ignorant to the hundreds of organizations who have been spending years putting in work on a grassroots level. These groups may not make the news and may not behave in a disruptive manner like the people who interrupt political rallies and block traffic.

I prefer a different approach and will make change in a way I feel is much more effective in the long term.

It’s so interesting to hear what is going on in the minds of these kids and how they think. The young men who I am mentoring are in middle school in Central Harlem. They really have a lot to say and ask a lot of questions. It’s great.

Even though I’m already a mentor to my own kids I often find it even more rewarding when I can affect young minds who are not related to me.

A story that is to be continued….


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