Republican Wrecking Ball Presidents


“Trump will destroy himself (and perhaps the country) long before he destroys the good name of Barack Obama.

The American Presidential history pattern is clear:

Democrat Bill Clinton, well-spoken, bright, won his election outright, raised taxes, improved the economy, socially progressive, no catastrophes (except for right-wingers who prosecuted him for his erections)

Republican George W. Bush, inarticulate, incurious, appointed to the President by Supreme Court hacks, slashed taxes, started idiotic wars, deregulated the economy over a cliff and destroyed the country

Democrat Barack Obama, terrific speaker, thoughtful, articulate, won his election outright, implemented universal health care, championed social and environmental progress, raised taxes and presided over an economic recovery from the Bush-Cheney Depression

Republican Donald Trump, 4th grade speaker, narcissistic, serious personality disorders, biggest popular vote loser President in history ‘elected’ under a Russian cloud, ready to slash taxes, destroy health care access, flush the climate sown the toilet and has no coherent policy about anything; will likely destroy the economy with trickle-down nincompoopery.

For some reason, Americans have a bipolar need to alternate between bright, responsible Democrats and reckless Republican morons in their Presidents.

Modern history tells the story very clearly.

Republican wrecking-ball Presidents destroy the country.

Democratic brainy Presidents clean up the mess.”

1 comment for “Republican Wrecking Ball Presidents

  1. Tep
    June 29, 2017 at 11:15 PM

    Very sad! But very true! You could even go further back in time with this. What is even more sad, is that you could add so much more to each president’s description to spread the scale even further apart. It’s depressing. The simplest breakdown (to me) of what creates this dividing line is, 1st: Cash and what it means to you. 2nd: Other living beings (all animals included) and what they mean to you (I don’t want to use the word empathy) 3rd: intelligence. That’s it! Unfortunately with those 3 things creating the divide, the future looks very grim for all the planet. The scales are tipping wildly in a bad direction. Things can only get worse.

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