Unraveling the Federal/State Child Support Racket


Little by little, the truth behind what they call “child support” is leaking out.
It has very little, if anything to do with children or supporting them. It’s all about doing whatever the state can do do get money from the federal government.

Yes, the federal government dangles funds over the state’s head. If the state increases child support orders and they are “efficient” in collecting the money that is almost impossible to collect from these orders, the state gets more revenue for their general fund.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

State officials are challenging county child support agencies to spike their collection rates, setting ambitious goals in hopes of improving children’s lives and keeping Ohio competitive in seeking financial incentives from the federal government.

Last year, the state launched an initiative to increase dollar collections to keep Ohio competitive in receiving performance-based incentives from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Ohio, the seventh largest state, is sixth in child support caseload and fourth in collection, said Jeff Aldridge, deputy director for the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

Aldridge said even higher-performing counties like Butler and Warren should always be striving to improve their rates.

The above excerpt is from HERE:http://m.journal-news.com/news/news/state-pushes-counties-to-collect-more-child-suppor/nZkDJ/

More evidence is revealed in THIS article in Ohio:

Ohio wants counties to get more aggressive in collecting owed child support.

The state quietly has launched an initiative called the “I-70 Project” urging every county to hit at least 70 percent on its collections by September 2015.
Only half the state’s 88 counties can make that claim now.

“Obviously, it’s good for families,” said Angela Terez, spokeswoman with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. “They’re getting more of the money that they are owed. It’s win-win, because we get more money to help fund our programs, which also help families.”

The federal government is dangling additional cash for states as an incentive to boost their numbers. Terez said it’s not clear how much because it’s based on formulas.

Ohio gets $29 million now for child support efforts.

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