Where do all the angry white men come from?

Crackdown on abusive tweets urged



‘When one looks at the horrific abuse meted out to feminist campaigners such as Caroline Criado-Perez (far right), it is hard to see it as anything but aggrieved entitlement.’ Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/PA



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The gender script for women has been largely torn up – a young girl has unprecedented freedom to grow into a doctor or a nurse, a soldier or a solicitor and/or a wife and mother while men, to a large extent, are stuck with a script for a role that barely exists. To be a real man, our culture still insists, is to be the protector and provider within a society that no longer guarantees to deliver that opportunity, and where male protector-providers are not entirely necessary. It is not much of a stretch to assume that this causes immense stress and psychological conflict, which is sometimes directed inward in despair and depression, sometimes outward in anger and violence.

Yes, men need to change and adapt to a rapidly shifting world. So too does the culture in which those angry white men are forged.

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