Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks

Has Brian Banks’ dream of an NFL career been delayed or even destroyed by a false charge of rape and 5 years in prison? James Brown reports.

A little more than a decade ago, Brian Banks was a star linebacker at Poly Tech High School in Long Beach, California. A well-known football powerhouse that’s sent dozens of players to the National Football League. He was being recruited by the best college teams in the nation, dreaming of an NFL career of his own. But then, in the course of a single afternoon, his life changed forever and eventually the 17-year-old landed in Chino State Penitentiary for raping and kidnapping a female classmate. However, even though he pled no contest, we now know that Brian was innocent.

 It’s a story that 60 Minutes has been following for close to a year, and as you’re about to hear, almost nothing about Brian Banks’ story — beginning, middle, or end — is what you’d expect.

Watch the video here. It is a MUST SEE.

Watch the entire video here?

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