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Modern Love Redux: Readers Offer Their Own Honest Thoughts on Marriage

An excerpt: TED DAVID, NEW YORK I agree with the comment that getting married should be the hard thing. Getting divorced should be easier and not seen as something to be ashamed of. I certainly don’t view the divorced as…

Why Can’t Divorced Men Commit? I’ll Tell You

An excerpt: Actually, her leaving is much more likely to increase a man’s interest than to badger him about making a commitment. I think women need to be more assertive and better negotiators in relationships. Say what you want up…

#BlackLivesMatter and Hillary Clinton

I like the Clintons as much as I like the Underwoods from the show House of Cards on Netflix. The Clintons are opportunists and will do and say just about anything to get elected. The things Bill Clinton and his administration did in the 90’s were flat out despicable. The changes in the criminal justice system were deplorable. Read about it HERE and HERE

I hate to say it, but in this case Hillary is right with her response.

In the end, the civil rights movement changed laws. The women’s movement changed laws. The gay marriage movement changed laws.

What law do they want changed or enacted?

Screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER, disrupting traffic, taking the mic away from a feeble old jewish man is doing nothing but whining. Every successful movement went after the state legislatures, the courts and the US Congress.

Name one movement that just screamed and yelled and achieved success? Occupy Wall Street? What happened to them?

Nice slogans and all, but nothing has changed with the 99%.

I suggest maybe we change the laws back to the pre-Clinton era, or amend the ones we have now…but…whatever we do, please DO NOT ALLOW HER AND HER HUSBAND ANYWHERE NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN!

They will only do more damage than they already have done.

American Men Have No Reproductive Rights


An excerpt:

Our society is not encouraged to overcome the stereotypes that ridicule men. This may be part of a strategy. Those who wish to put down men with old-fashioned stereotypes, such as that men only want women for one thing and will readily engage in the sex act with any stranger, may be putting men down just so they will lose children in divorce court and have to pay. This brings up an interesting point: while the nation is encouraged to dismiss stereotypes about women, such as that they cannot make responsible decisions or hold demanding executive jobs, when it comes to reproductive rights the stereotypes that men can’t control their sexual impulses and that they should have to pay for everything are stereotypes that are reinforced and perpetrated with glee.

The stereotypes against men merely serve to deprive them of reproductive rights. Women are not naturally better at nurturing, we are told. This stereotype is refuted to support the idea that there is no reason that married men can’t help take care of the kids. But judges usually think children are better off with their mothers. Unless, of course, the man who wants custody is in a same-sex marriage and wants to adopt. Then, somehow, a nurturing male is a possibility that should be seriously defended.

Another major stereotype that interferes with men’s reproductive rights is that men are naturally violent. This enables judges to quickly approve of “temporary restraining orders” and “orders of protection” against husbands. All the wife has to do is allege in court that she is “afraid” that the husband may strike her. And this TRO is granted even if the husband has absolutely no history of violence.

These three stereotypes, that 1) men don’t want to take care of children and are only interested in sex, 2) that men are defined by society as the wage earners, and 3) that men are naturally prone to domestic violence, are used by women and their lawyers to continue the abuse of fathers and deprive them of the affection of their children. In brief, men are selfish, violent, uncaring brutes naturally unfit to be fathers. How convenient to the family court system, and to women who want custody and the house.

And women complain that they alone have to battle against stereotypes. The anti-father stereotypes don’t matter as long as the stereotypes are used to get custody of the children, monthly child support, alimony checks, and the house to the ex-wife.

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Skip Child Support. Go to Jail. Lose Job. Repeat.

An excerpt from HERE: There is no national count of how many parents are incarcerated for failure to pay child support, and enforcement tactics vary from state to state, as do policies such as whether parents facing jail are given…