MURPHY: Rojas believes that more than men, women need and want the security of marriage and children; and that by pursuing the same career paths as men, they’re actually hurting their prospects for the future. This is what he says of his brightest female law students.

ROJAS: You can imagine that she’s going to be hired by a wonderful legal staff, and she’s going to travel a lot. Maybe she’s not going to marry, herself, until the late 30s. Oh, what a horrible life she has ahead.

MURPHY: Because?

ROJAS: Because she’s going to be on her own. I mean, the problem is, is she’s going to be on her own.

MURPHY: Contradictions are everywhere. When I asked Rojas about the most important historical event, for Chilean women, in the past 50 years or so, he said it was when poet Gabriela Mistral won the Nobel Prize. Yet Mistral was a woman that never married, and never had children. She actually left Chile because it was easier to have a career abroad; and she spent most of her life on her own.

Does this sound familiar? I see the same thing happening in America.


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