I’ve had 17 years of dealing with a the kind of person trump is. You will NEVER get a straight answer from people like this. Never! It infuriating.

Once you know that under no circumstances will they admit failure, the truth or be able to reason, you just have to leave them alone.

Trump is a case study is delusion. He’s a fascinating human being and his brain needs to be studied after he dies.

It’s more than apparent that he has NO IDEA what he is doing. He’s in way over his head and he is an abysmal failure as a human being and leader of our wonderful country.

It’s beyond sad that so many people were sold on his persona and campaign. Even smart people I know believed this guy.


It’s one thing to not like a politician because of his or her views. It’s another thing to despise one because they are total frauds and are in a position of power and influence and are totally incapable of carrying out the duties of that position – and it actually matters to 6 billion people around the globe.

Well, we are stuck with his fool for now.

Read this and tell me if there is anything that makes sense. Anything.

It’s beyond belief how inarticulate and unintelligent he is.


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