In praise of price gouging?

I understand, John Stossel is saying really outrageous things to get your attention and to entice you to buy his book. It appears that he is no different  from Ann Coulter. It can be great marketing to say crazy things because people pay attention to things that are outrageous.

Every man for himself is NEVER a good idea. Letting humans run wild and figure it all out is not how our society works.There IS a role for government. In normal times, the economics of supply and demand are appropriate. After this storm, we need government to step in and, I’m going to use a dirty word in conservative circles….REGULATE.

This would be one of those times where we should make an exception to the idea of the ‘free market.’ John’s idea feeds into a scene where only the wealthy can fill up their gas tank, get food, and basic necessities; leaving everybody else out. Since following a free market capitalist model in the time of duress seems harsh and extreme, government intervention needs to be instituted to prevent hoarding and have some resemblance on normalcy.

Some people will say anything to sell a book.

Read his rant HERE

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