Misconceptions About Stay at Home Fathers



A Chat with a Modern At-Home Dad

What are some misconceptions about at-home dads?

We all too often see Dad in a TV show, movie or commercial as an idiot. But seeing the media portraying fathers as what they truly can be—capable, confident, nurturing—that would certainly assist. Also, there’s the stereotype that if dad is a stay-at-home father, it’s a result of either being laid-off or due to the economic down turn. Being surrounded by 700 members of NYC Dads Group, I’d say about half of them are stay-at-home dads. These guys are not in their roles because they’re forced into it. The majority of them say, “I want to do and make the best decision for my family.” Or, for practical reasons, it makes sense for the father to be the at-home parent. These guys are making their own decisions, and a lot of them are not what the media always points to.

One stereotype is that at-home dads are less manly than other dads. Can you respond to this?

Being an active, engaged, involved dad is a cool and rewarding thing to do. Seeing a dad joking around and laughing with his kids is all the macho you need. I embrace my role as an at-home dad. It’s not something I hide.

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