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This is a LADIES only petition, why? Because we need to show not only Governor Rick Scott but the world that this is NOT just a Father’s rights issue. Studies indicate that just as much or even more women support shared parenting than men. Men are more active than ever before in their children’s lives, shared parenting benefits everyone involved with most importantly being the children. There are attributes that both a mother AND father bring to the table when raising a child, when one piece of that puzzle is missing extreme damage can occur not only for the present moment but repercussions can be felt well into adulthood. No child should ever have to grow up losing out on a parent and that special bond which is irreplaceable, so we ask all women unite who support shared parenting, and make your voices heard!


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  1. rwhiston
    November 18, 2013 at 1:56 AM
    More information about the public opinion polls PEF was recently involved with can be seen at the following sites:

    1. “Belgians like their shared parenting laws”
    2. “Dutch, at 70% go ‘shared parenting mad’

    In Feb 2012 and closer to home, the Guardian newspaper in Britain – renown for its generally feminist views and left-wing opinions – sponsored a readership poll asking the question:
    “Do fathers have adequate contact rights under current law ?”

    The result can be seen displayed here – 71% said they did not.
    Fig 1. Do fathers have adequate contact rights under current law ?
    Yes 29%
    No 71%
    Source: the Guardian, Feb 2012 poll

    Another English newspaper, the Telegraph (generally known for its centre-right wing views), also undertook a readership poll in Feb 2012.
    ( ).

    It asked a slightly more complex set of conditional questions, namely:
    Q. Should fathers be given greater access to their children after a divorce ?
    1. No, not if the father has walked out on the family
    2. No, mothers are better at looking after children
    3. Yes, children need their fathers no matter what the circumstances
    4. Yes, fathers should have the same rights as mothers
    The result showed that 75% of Brits think fathers should have the same rights as mothers regarding the care and parenting of their children after divorce (2nd Feb 2012).
    Only 7% said ‘no’ and only 2% (94 votes out of 4,793), said mothers were better at looking after children.
    The article also stated that 8% of single parents in Britain are fathers but no source was cited.

    The results will not only give hope to campaign groups that have argued for years that fathers deserve a legal right to more equal access after a divorce but politically it isolates parties opposed to shared parenting. An implication first revealed by the surveys PEF was associated with in both Belgium and Holland where the left and right political parties were shown to be out of touch with the aspirations of their electorate, especially women, who were in agreement at over 67%.

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