The Hapless Dad No More…I hope

It’s the height of irony that since I became a mom, I have felt myself becoming a champion for fathers. Sure, before I had a kid, I liked dads all right. I love my daddy, and I knew my husband was bound to be a good father. But I didn’t really notice how awful the portrayals of fathers on TV were until I was faced, day after day, with a man who was anything but the bumbling idiot you see on the average sitcom or commercial.

It’s the hapless dad so pervasive in American advertising that made the dad bloggers at the Dad 2.0 Summit tell American companies in no uncertain terms earlier this month that they’ve had just about enough. They’re not going to be made fun of anymore and take it lying down. And you know what?

They shouldn’t have to! The man I married isn’t the moron that Skechers has made fathers out to be in their latest horrendous ad campaign. He’s a man who is every bit as involved in his daughter’s life as I am, and when companies insult him, they’re insulting our whole family dynamic.

Those are the companies that I tend to shy away from. The companies that have decided to embrace modern fatherhood, on the other hand? I’ll gladly give them my business … and the good news is, they exist.

Just take a look at some of these ads that “get” dads:


Read more and see the rest of the videos HERE

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