What is the problem with Disney princesses?

In the notes of my son’s class, there was information about dressing up for Halloween. There was a specific note that said “no Disney princess costumes because they ask girls to be docile (sleep for 100 years, stay in a tower??? Please).”

I saw this comment on a site where I found this photo:

“Can I argue that they’re not supposed to mesh with real life?”

“Transformers doesn’t mesh with real life, neither does yo gabba gabba or Dora. Why are we looking for fictional characters to be the role models for our children? Can’t they just be stories and movies? Why do they have to be deeper than that?”

It seems to me that in reality, women enjoy the idea of princesses. I may be wrong but it seems like every weekend where I play weddings, I see princesses. That whole industry is based on this ideal (‘the one’, romantic love, wearing a beautiful dress…)

I see nothing wrong with fantasy in characters. Look at the superheroes young boys look up to. Is it dangerous for young boys to dress up as Superman because in the future they may actually grow up attempting to fly off the top of a building? How about the little boy that dresses like a football player? Is that kid going to be violent as an adult? Does dressing as a nurse as a little girl discourage her from attaining a position as a doctor?

Just like that woman who took the lyrics of Taylor Swift and claimed it had something to do with rape culture, do you feel that people have taken this disdain for Disney princesses too far?

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