Wyclef Jean’s Favorite Mistake: Performing with a Goat

In 1994, when I was a member of the Fugees, I was obsessed with the idea that everyone would remember us if we had a mascot. One day I was in a studio called the Booga Basement, and that dog Spuds MacKenzie came on during a Budweiser commercial, and I was like, man, if a dog can be famous, then I definitely can make a goat famous!

The next day we had a show and were promoting the single “Boof Baf.” So I went to a livestock place in Newark, N.J., and bought this rare Mexican goat. They were about to chop the goat up and I was like, “No no no, man! You can’t, this goat is going to be part of our show.” Of course, I didn’t know that I was breaking the law by transporting the goat from Newark to our place in East Orange. My bandmates thought I was out of my mind. But I was the leader, and you can’t really tell the leader when he’s going cuckoo.

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