What I’ve Learned – Mandy Patinkin

Our actions are the ground we walk on.

The thing I learned the most from my father is Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t say you’re gonna do something “when the kids grow up.” Don’t say, “I’m going to go to Israel once you guys are out of school.” Because he got pancreatic cancer at fifty-two, and he never did any of it. The gift he gave me was a residue of his death. Don’t ever wait to satisfy an idea or a hope or a dream.

I got married because I wanted to do something that was more than I understood, because my feelings were more than I understood.

What makes a good marriage? The good fortune of picking the right partner to battle it out with you and never quit on you through the hell storms.

First, you give everything you have to your children, and then if you’re lucky they give it back to you as little reminders of everything you’ve dropped along the way. But Dad, you said this. Dad, how could you forget that?

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