Not Tonight, Honey, I Have A Penis

A great look at the changing roles of men and women in GQ magazine:

See, women take it personally. After years of battling the dreaded sexlesshousewife stereotype, we’re careful not to nonchalantly spurn your advances. But now we have to worry about morphing into the other sitcom cliché—the dopey husband, pawing pathetically for a bone. There are only so many times even the most brazen among us are going to get rejected before icily retreating into non-initiation mode forever. And just in general, we keep tabs on these kinds of things. A week goes by without sex? We notice. I get the feeling men don’t monitor the situation in such a macro sense. As far as you’re concerned, a good sex life is just having sex when you feel like having sex.

But guess what? That’s selfish. Sex is a two-way street! Or…I suppose, if I’m being technical about it, it’s more of a one-lane freeway tunnel and a car driven by a confused 16-year-old who keeps switching between drive and reverse over and over. The larger point is: Just try saying yes to us more often. Even if you’re a little tired.


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  1. March 5, 2013 at 8:02 PM

    Quite amusing: the empire strikes back. Go get ’em Obi.

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