Angel Soft and their horrible advertisement about celebrating mothers on Father’s Day

I certainly know ONE brand of products I refuse to buy. Angel Soft. You can forget it.

Let me repeat a truth. A truth that people on the PC Express refuse to understand….Mothers can NEVER be fathers and fathers can never be mothers.

Here are more realities that are lost on a certain segment of our population:

Rachel Dolezal is NOT black..and will never be black, African, Dominican..Chinese…whatever. Never! That olympian from 1976 still has full male reproductive parts, as far as we know – therefore still, biologically male. Left is not right. 1+1 does not equal 3. Up is not down.

I’m not on the PC Express. I got off years ago. I really am sick of political correctness and am calling BS when I see from now on. In fact, I hope I offend as many people as possible by telling the truth, even if it hurts. Especially, if they actually agree with the message in this advertisement.

Hallmark holidays are stupid. I just want to state that up front. Two years ago, I wrote about how ridiculous saying “Happy Father’s Day” to moms was. You can read that piece HERE. I stand by every word I said in that post and I will repeat it again over and over and over again.

Hey Angel Soft? Where was the Happy Mother’s Day ad for father’s last month? Oh you didn’t make one? I didn’t think so.


You know what I’d like to see?

I’d like to see those on the PC Express be consistent. I want a teary eyed commercial for me. Father numero Uno. I want a tearjerker next year from actors who want to talk about how amazing their dad was. How about a tear jerker commercial about the mother who took the kids away from their father (with the assistance of the police and the family court system), but thanks to the herculean effort and persistence of their father, he was awarded full custody due to the years of documented physical/emotional and psychological abuse handed down by their mother? How about a tear jerker commercial for the father who took care of two kids from DAY ONE and knew exactly how to raise a kid…because he just knew and is a damn good man? How about the tear jerker commercial for the widower who has to work full time and raise three kids on his own?

How about just leaving us alone for one day and giving us credit for being who we are?

Who are we? We are strong, passionate, caring, loving, stern, supportive, mistake prone, biologically/emotionally/spiritually connected and perpetually bonded…FATHERS!!

Cherese Jackson wrote in The Guardian last week:

The concept of Father’s Day was inspired by a single dad who embraced the challenge of raising his six children alone after his wife died. By including mothers who are single on a day designed for fathers helps the male role in the child’s life become further devalued. Men who are involved in the upbringing of their children should be honored, celebrated and appreciated; not undervalued. Mother’s Day is always in May and, for those that do not know, Single Parents’ Day is in March.

To spread the “love” to single moms on Father’s Day is not as empowering as it might seem. Contrariwise it capitalizes on a self-inflicted wound and stunts the process of healing. The truth is parents should be honored and appreciated every day in their respective roles.

This is not a personal issue it is a community crisis that leads a woman to believe she can do the job of a man. No matter how courageous a woman is, just as many men who are left to raise their children alone are not mothers; the role of the father is not one that can be filled by a woman. This does not take any credit away from the “Wonder Woman” that she is and the hard work she invests in taking care of her family. These things just make her an amazingly strong woman but biologically not a father.

By all means as a society we should continue to find ways to strengthen, empower and honor single women who continue to hold it down for their families. They deserve honor for their extreme commitment and dedication – just not as an equal to a male on Father’s Day, this day is for men.

I’m so sick of this kind of pandering to women. It infuriates me. I already know millions of men out there feel the exact same way as I do. We are tired of it. We took care of Huggies before. We’ll take care of this nonsense too.

Moms? Sorry, you have your own Hallmark Holiday. It’s called Mothers Day. Celebrate whatever you want at that time. Leave the day to celebrate men, masculinity and fatherhood for Father’s Day.

Angel Soft and their parent corporation (Georgia-Pacific) will be receiving a plethora of hate mail in the next few days. There better be an apology. I want the CEO to send a youtube video of him crying like a little boy. Crying like a little boy so upset because he misses his father and wants to spend fathers day with him but can’t. How about THAT!!

When that happens, maybe we’ll get back to reality. Until then, I’m looking forward to counting the number of injured people because of the derailment of the PC Express train. Good Grief!






4 comments for “Angel Soft and their horrible advertisement about celebrating mothers on Father’s Day

  1. bob charmen
    June 18, 2015 at 8:56 PM

    ‘plethora of hate male’ should be ‘plethora of hate mail’ – freudian slip – sort of
    anyway, the ad was disgusting – Most fathers would travel thousands of miles across
    the ocean and into war zones to save their kid

    • June 18, 2015 at 9:11 PM

      I kinda meant that but decided to change it – it reads better for those who don’t understand

      • Mae
        July 27, 2015 at 3:08 AM

        Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner. Get over it.

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