Anger Management In Family Court

NEVER go into a courtroom without an attorney. NEVER. I did it once and learned my lesson.



OK, I’m glad I got that out of the way.

I say this because the video I posted below will hopefully deter anyone reading this from ever setting foot in a courtroom without one.

Always have a stash of money saved up for when you get falsely accused of something. It will probably happen to you whether you like it or not. It could be a co-worker, a former lover/girlfriend/boyfriend. It could be your future ex-wife. It could be a police officer looking to jam you up or something crazy like that. Always have money for a lawyer. Even if you have to put the charges on a credit card, it will be worth it. If you don’t, judges and magistrates will treat you like a runaway slave. They really don’t care about you, or anything that has to do with the truth much of the time. Especially in family court. I have already written about how horrible family court is hereon my blog, but I’m going to give you a little taste of just how bad it REALLY is.

So, you haven’t seen the inside of a court room in family court YET. Hmmm. Let’s go inside the halls of justice and see how they run thangs down there.

Family court judges are the living manifestation of radical feminist anger. They HATE men. Yes they do. They hate men. What? You don’t believe me. Go ahead…make my day and go down to your local family court and see how they do.

Yes, let me repeat, they hate men. Misandry at every bench, yet some of the judges are men. It is fascinating. They reward just about any woman who walks in to the courtroom with just about anything she asks for. And yes, they enjoy breaking men down. They like inflicting pain.

What? You think probably think I’m bitter. I’m some old divorced man who got a raw deal from the court system because I cheated on my ex and got caught and had to pay. Sorry! I an’t the one. None of that stuff happened to me. Nah…I actually won in my case. I am one of the few men on the face of the earth who got a divorce from my ex wife when she had no job. I left with all the money I had left, and we share our children equally. I see my kids on a regular basis and pay no child support. I am good, thank you. And quite happy being single. Yes, I think marriage can be great and might want to get married again, but I know the game now. I won’t be taken advantage of again. No sir.

I am here to explain a few things here and there to other men who might be going through a similar ordeal. I want to help other men who have no idea what reality awaits them if they have the unfortunate circumstance of being involved in a civil law suit they call a divorce. There is no road map for men like us – none. I hear from several men who get blindsided by divorce and get hammered in court. I’m the living antidote. There is another way to go about this business of divorce, especially when kids are involved.

The video  you are about to watch is of a hearing in family court. The judge takes bits of information that he hears and connects it to the defendant. None of what the judge says in his opening remarks is true or is backed up with evidence or facts. It is not even relevant to the case on the docket.  He just assumes things to be true and takes his anger out on the poor feeble pastor. The future ex-wife is loving every minute of the verbal beat down and loves the fact that she is being rewarded will all kinds of free gifts by the judge.

Yeah, this happens every day in that hell hole they call family court.

How can you avoid this? Re-read the first few sentences then hope you never get divorced. Maybe in 25 more years, things wont be as bad. In fact, by then, women will be paying child support and permanent alimony to their exes. Things will REALLY turn around then. Just wait. Will radical feminists want the laws to be changed so that things will be equal? Maybe they will want to end gender discrimination in family courts. That would be nice wouldn’t it? See me in the year 2038. Courtrooms will have a completely different feel by then. I am sure of that.

So, with all of this being said, and without further ado, I present the most Honorable Judge William “Chip” Watkins. He is the greatest show on earth. He is able to award ex-wives money just for fun. Can speak volumes – literally. He can twist the truth in a few short sentences and jump to conclusions without even thinking things through.


Now the complete story:

CHARLESTON, W.VA. – An online video records a Putnam family law judge screaming at a preacher involved in a divorce case in his courtroom.

The 16-minute video, uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, is an official court recording of a divorce hearing for Arthur and Lillian Hage before Family Law Judge William “Chip” Watkins. The hearing occurred about 10 a.m. May 23, according to the video’s timestamp.

The Hages were in court because Arthur refused to sign papers allowing Lillian to sell their home. Watkins is the first to speak on the video.

“Before we get started, Mr. Hage, if you say one word out of turn, you’re going to jail. Do you understand me?

“After we closed here, you went out and talked to a reporter, five seconds after you left here despite my admonition. This morning I now see an article from your little buddy Smith with a picture of my home, my home on the front page.”

Watkins said Wednesday he was referring to an article that appeared on a news website just before his hearing with the Hages.

In the video, Watkins begins to scream so loudly the audio recording is distorted.

“Shut up! Don’t you speak! My wife is disabled! She’s there alone! You disgusting piece of …”

Watkins eventually apologized, saying he was too angry to “be appropriate” in the case. He said he would step down from the case.

“Your honor, we’re just concerned about losing the house here,” Lillian Hage’s attorney says.

Watkins then announced he would not recuse himself.

The judge has since changed his mind.

“I’ve thought about that since that incident. I hate to impose something like this on somebody else, but I think I probably should get out of it,” Watkins told the Daily Mail.

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