A representative with testicular fortitude

It is sad that legislators in our country don’t have the BALLS to make a reasoned, rational and logical explanation of modern family law. I heard about this on various sites and though I’d share it with you.

What you see in this video is what is really going on in most western societies. What the gentleman describes is occurring in family courts all over the United States. It is not only affecting fathers, but eventually will have long term effects on our entire culture. I feel it is time to push back on some of the glaringly obvious trends that are detrimental to a stable culture.

The breakdown of the family is a massive problem. Everyone feels the effects. Read other parts of my blog and you will start to piece together the parts of the puzzle on why this is true. We need to start viewing family law in a modern context. I feel that so many parts of our culture still think it is 1972 and that we still need to live with that mindset. Those days are over. It is time to move on to a new era and apply modern social dynamics to modern laws and customs. After you see the video, do you think there are any politicians in America would even dare to speak in such a reasonable fashion?

I don’t think that would not happen – at least not now. I feel he would be bombarded by radical feminists. They would call him a rape apologist and a misogynist.

They also would be completely wrong an inaccurate.

Tell me what you think:

Former Australian Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen attacks the Gillard Labor government’s changes to the Family Law Act which will water down provisions giving non-custodial parents (mostly fathers) equal access to their children.

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