Angry feminist attacks Dr Umar Johnson in public

This interesting interaction between Dr Umar Johnson and a feminist in Kansas City was interesting to observe. It also gives us a lot to talk about when it comes to being able to draw a line between advocating for the black family vs. being anti-gay or homophobic.

The discussion is important for black people in terms of helping us to learn what role we as a community can and should play in the debate over women’s rights, gay rights and everything else. Rather than attacking the black community for not being in alignment with whites, it might be best for us to determine our own position.




1 comment for “Angry feminist attacks Dr Umar Johnson in public

  1. gurvinder singh
    October 28, 2015 at 8:10 AM

    Best discussion I have seen in the video of Dr Umar Johnson being attacked by a feminist…he was simply brilliant, and Dr Boyce’s discussion on what is means to be a feminist …love that the African American community has voices that are independent thinkers and very aware of what is really going on with the feminism and politics in the white community and how they are trying to shape every one and every culture to their way of thinking. Most of it is based on hate for men…which is creating gender friction and leading to more intensified gender based antagonism. Made my day…most refreshing discussion I have seem in several years. Thank you for posting it online.

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