Are Men Really the Bad Guys Holding Women Back?

A quote from THIS article. By Kathryn Sollmann- The Huffington Post

‘After investing as much as $250,000 in tuition, why would fathers watch proudly as their daughters graduate from college, and then expect them only to work for a year or two before exiting the workforce to raise a family?

Why would these same fathers feel that their daughters are not entitled, through hard work and accomplishment, to an equal opportunity of building a lucrative and rewarding career?

Why would the vast majority of husbands who have experienced economic downturns — those who have suffered their own job loss or watched others struggle with unemployment — discourage wives who want to work and believe that only one income is a wise long-term financial strategy?

Where are the men who feel that any company is justified to pay a young daughter less than her male counterpart for an entry-level job?

Which men think it’s OK for their well-qualified wives to be passed over for a promotion or a raise because she’s not one of the guys?

No, I don’t think the vast majority of men are willingly standing in the way of women in the work world. I do think, as Marche says so insightfully: “Today, men and women are not facing off on a battleground so much as stuck together in a maze of contradictions.”

In that maze of contradictions, I believe women are held back by the misperception that they are not welcomed or valued by male colleagues (read Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s new book to see how so many successful women have male sponsors) — and by the universal lack of understanding about gender differences, complementary work styles and diversity. Women share in the responsibility to collectively move their gender ahead-there can’t be a wholesale blaming of men for sputters and stalls.’

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  1. patriarchal landmine
    November 9, 2013 at 12:15 PM

    if only someone had listened when men pointed this out years ago.

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