‘I was ambushed by the Twitterati feminists who in actual fact hate women’

An excerpt from THIS article:

Rather than campaigning to help women, feminists today are more likely to be picking fights on Twitter, or dressing up petty grievances as proof of rampant ‘sexism’. And, needless to say, these devotees of ‘equality’ believe you can’t be a feminist unless you’re Left-wing.

Some 100 years after Emily Wilding Davison threw herself under a horse in the name of equality, isn’t it perverse that those who would wish to subjugate me are the firebrand feminists who pit sister against sister, denying my view credence? How ironic, I thought, as I scrolled through my Twitter feed, that those who claim to champion women want to bully me for saying I don’t believe in a cause they have bastardised.

As a university-educated woman who combines a fulfilling career as a journalist and broadcaster with my role as a homemaker for my husband and four children, I have better things to do than spend my days mirthlessly lamenting the lot of women, which is what most feminists seem to do.

Indeed, what the sour Lefty Twitterati won’t admit is that all the great battles on which feminism was founded have been won – including political representation, and equality in education, the workplace and other areas of public life.

What’s left is an ugly vacuum occupied by those who will only let you join the sisterhood if you agree to pander to a petty hunt for signs of oppression. Look no further than the campaign by The Women’s Room, who railed against the Bank of England for the lack of women on our bank notes, citing this as evidence of discrimination.

Spectacularly pointless, surely? An emancipated, financially independent woman couldn’t care less whether Jane Austen is emblazoned on a tenner. I don’t: I just care that I’m being paid enough of them.


Today’s feminists appear to be living behind a smoke screen of their own construction, blind to the reality of female achievement in the 21st century, when girls outperform boys at GCSE and in further education. Around 20 per cent more girls make it to university than boys.

Today’s so-called sisters also refuse to accept that women are wired differently to men – that many see becoming a mother as the crowning achievement of their lives. Who can argue with the female executive who, after delivering her newborn, decides to give up the office and stay at home? I think today’s glass ceiling is largely self-imposed, perhaps the result of many deciding to leave full-time employment to put family life first.

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  2. kashdoller
    November 6, 2013 at 8:32 PM

    pretty sad state of affairs, the oppressed become the oppressors.

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