Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains!

An excerpt from this article:

Progressives, especially those among the feminists camp, have spent decades clawing at their (bare…hairy) chests while screaming that men don’t have a right to tell them what to do with their bodies. Conservative men, as a result, have become gun-shy and fearful about saying the “wrong thing” about abortion and about life in the womb. They’ve been told that their opinions are irrelevant and that their views are taboo.

But that’s a lie on so many fronts.

It’s not just her body. Unless she was born with four legs, four arms, two heads, and two heartbeats…it isn’t HER body. And how many tiny “men” have been expunged from life because of a woman’s “choice?” How many men have lost sons and daughters through abortion and infanticide? Many, I know, who suffer the loss of children that they never got to meet. What about the women who are pressured by a man into an abortion that they have to deal and live with for the rest of their lives? Furthermore, how many men on the other side of the aisle, in the pro-choice camp, are allowed to speak their opinions- despite being a man? Because, as we know, left-wing tolerance is a one-way street.

Liberals have turned this issue into the “war on women.” The Democrats have refined these points, the media spins them out to the public, and feminist women have been so disgustingly vicious in their actions towards conservative men who dare speak their convictions that many men are now terrified to stand forcibly on their principles. They’ve been brow beaten into submission. And don’t mistake me, feminists are equally venomous towards conservative women because there is nobody who threatens them more. There is nothing a feminists hates more than a beautiful and smart conservative woman who doesn’t feel the need to victimize herself in order to be successful and who doesn’t find the idea of raising little humans, who also happen to be the future of this country, to be repugnant. These “pro-choice” feminists only support women who choose THEIR choice. Don’t you dare make a different one or you will be eviscerated. Bras are only burned in honor of liberal women.

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