Black Thought and Self Reliance

I’m reading The Souls Of Black Folk by W.E.B.DuBois now. A great book and a must read for all Americans. Published in 1903, it explored a variety of subjects of black life in that time period. It’s a great reminder of how many things HAVE NOT changed since then.

I say this because today is Marcus Garvey’s birthday. He was another towering intellectual that was one of the major influences of Malcolm X. I find his ideas, as well as great black intellectuals like Booker T. Washington, Dubois and a host of others from that time period still resonate in 2014.

I’m going to make sure I teach my kids about towering back thought leaders well before high school. I leaned about them at college but am finally getting around to the literature these people left for us to digest. It’s appalling that self reliance is not a tool that is being advocated, but reliance on goverment is.

The latter is a recipie for disaster.

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