#BlackLivesMatter and Hillary Clinton

I like the Clintons as much as I like the Underwoods from the show House of Cards on Netflix. The Clintons are opportunists and will do and say just about anything to get elected. The things Bill Clinton and his administration did in the 90’s were flat out despicable. The changes in the criminal justice system were deplorable. Read about it HERE and HERE

I hate to say it, but in this case Hillary is right with her response.

In the end, the civil rights movement changed laws. The women’s movement changed laws. The gay marriage movement changed laws.

What law do they want changed or enacted?

Screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER, disrupting traffic, taking the mic away from a feeble old jewish man is doing nothing but whining. Every successful movement went after the state legislatures, the courts and the US Congress.

Name one movement that just screamed and yelled and achieved success? Occupy Wall Street? What happened to them?

Nice slogans and all, but nothing has changed with the 99%.

I suggest maybe we change the laws back to the pre-Clinton era, or amend the ones we have now…but…whatever we do, please DO NOT ALLOW HER AND HER HUSBAND ANYWHERE NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN!

They will only do more damage than they already have done.

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