Danielle Crittenden Says Feminists Have A Lot To Answer For

If I repeat the same words you hear from the woman in the video below, I’m called a sexist. If a she says it she is a…..?

Men and women are not the same. We think differently, we behave differently, we want different things in life, our sex drives are different, what we want from our work is different, what we might want out of life is different….I could go on and on. The idea that we are equal is misleading and is a sham. I cringe every time I read the word ‘equality’ in discussions about men and women. We will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be the same. NEVER!

Do I think there should be equal access to opportunity in our country? Of course! Do I feel there should be equal outcome? Absolutely NOT!

I suggest you check out Danielle Crittenden’s book “What Our Mother’s Didn’t Tell Us,” or better yet, read THIS BLOG POST for a summary.

Yes, it will enrage radical feminists and those who are sadly hanging on to an idea that was never true. It just might wake up a few of those who don’t know why so many of their friends are not married yet, can’t find a mate, think all men are dogs, are unhappy with their career and life choices, hate dating, or all of the above.

Men and women complement one another. We need each other to get through this life. I am a huge advocate for fatherhood and cannot stand to see so many men walking away from their children, although it is more likely that they were forced out by our horrible domestic relations laws and family courts…read THIS BLOG POST, or THIS ONE and you might understand why.

I also don’t like when I hear so many people say they don’t need a man. I don’t think you are being honest with yourself. Especially if you are a heterosexual. It’s even worse when these same people say those they don’t need a man to raise their children? Hmmm. Ok, you might not need your children’s father, but your children certainly do.

Listen to her closely and pay attention. She might make you think differently about the past 50 years.

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