Eardrum, Eyeball And Subway Harassment

In terms of being a public nuisance she kinda wins with her big mouth. ‘ sure most passengers don’t wanna hear her ranting anymore than they wanna hear his bible thumping. And by the way…THIS..is why I don’t ride the trains here in New York City. I despise it. This appears to me like this episode can be defined as…ummmm….harassment…street, subway and ear harassment…and eyeball harassment too. New Yorkers, you can have your mariachi bands, your preachers, your breakdancers, your people who eat dinner on the way to work, your loud earphone blasting, filthy dirty nasty ugly crowded experience on that thing they call the Iron Horse. I’m going to enjoy my “car privilege” and I’m driving EVERYWHERE (except on Saturdays when I have to play a matinée in midtown. Yuk!

You know what’s funny? Some are actually calling preaching the word of GOD “hate speech.” Figures. Anything that is not part of the anarchist totalitarian left-wing man hating cult is “Hate Speech.” …and some wonder why the election turned out the way it did on Tuesday. I know why.

No…everyone is not part of the extreme left….sorry! It is too bad religious folk don’t speak up and stop bending over backwards. I’m not the one to do it because I am not part of any religion. If she got in my face about something I really cared about, started spewing some nonsense and yelling, she will have met her match. Why be scared of challenging people like her in public, online or in person?

Just because you are loud does not make your argument any more persuasive or right. It is interesting how people scream “you don’t have a right” but somehow think they do have a right? This guy, regardless of what he’s spewing, has a right to do it. So does she. But somehow, in the HER mind, only what they say is valid.

I call BS


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