A PERFECT comment by Cutter Sloan:

“Why don’t they even have control of their own players?” Well, Miss Storm, if that is your real name (it’s not) let me answer that with a question of my own. Why doesn’t ESPN have control of its employees? There is far less on air talent at ESPN than players in the NFL, how many incidents of unacceptable behavior has ESPN had? You had sexual harassment issues with Sean Salisbury, Harold Reynolds and Erik Kuselias, and Steve Phillips having an affair with a production assistant. Oh, and about a million sexual complaints against Mike Tirico who is still on Monday Night Football. You suspend Stephen A. Smith simply for stating his opinions, Kornheiser for insinuating that Hannah Storm doesn’t dress age appropriate and calling Boomer fat. You suspended Dana Jacobsen for getting plastered and saying “Fuck Jesus”. Jalen Rose was pulled off the air for drunk driving. You suspended and then fired Rob Parker for being a blatant racist, and fired a writer for calling Jeremy Lin a chink. Oh, and ESPN currently employs Keith Olbermann, I wonder how long it’ll be before he insults all republicans or Christians. Does your kid ask you about any of that, Hannah?”

“I think this is enough to ask the question; what does ESPN stand for? Does it stand for racism towards whites and asians, hostile work environments for women and the overweight, age discrimination for women, drunk driving, pornography, and hatred of Christians? The answer is, probably not. That is also the clear answer if similar questions are asked of the NFL. These are entities that employ a lot of people and things are going to happen. The problem is one of these entities has its people get on a soapbox and cast stones of judgment when it lives in a very large glass house itself. Unfortunately, there’s nobody to call for the heads of big wigs at ESPN for all this shit, because it’s not news to other news outlets and ESPN certainly isn’t going to do hard hitting investigations on themselves or allow its on air talent to give sanctimonious speeches (like what we see in this video) about ESPN. And it’s also pretty tasteless that she used her kid to try and make a point. Anybody actually believe she had this conversation with her child?”

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