Female Masculinity

I’d love to sit down and have a discussion with the woman who designed this poster and put this up on a wall. I saw this poster on a corner in Brooklyn the other day and I am confused as to what the message is supposed to be.

What is this person trying to say?

Is she saying that her masculinity is somehow a threat to mine? That makes absolutely no sense to me. That is as silly as me saying that my femininity is not a threat to hers.

First of all, the overwhelming majority of masculine, heterosexual men are not attraced to masculine women. It is an automatic repellant. Why would we want a partner who is as masculine or more masculine that us? I hate to disspoint her, but we aren’t interested in women like this.

Second, in what way is her attempts to being like me, a threat? Men like me are not threatened by women like her in any way. Am I to feel threatened that she will seduce my girlfriend and take her away from me? Am I to feel threatened that she will take my job, my money or my cell phone? I’m not sure what I’m to be threatened by.

Third, is this person a man dressed up to look like a more masculine woman or is it a woman who is trying to mask her femininity? It’s confusing and it truly is a nonsensical message in my opinion.

I have a feeling that this is that the same artist who is part of a campaign to tell men that we should not ask them to smile. The artist is on a campaign making demands. She seems to want to instruct us men on what to do and what not to do.

This “don’t ask me to smile” or “don’t talk to me as I walk down the street” gang seems like they are demanding that us men don’t talk to her at all, don’t approach her in any way anywhere, don’t ask her how she is doing at any time, don’t be offended if she walks by with a angry scowl on her face and looks pissed of at the world. Don’t be offended by her, don’t offend her, don’t get close, don’t breathe near her, don’t even look up when she is approaching. Bow your head and keep back 500 feet!

Looka here young lady. Men like myself are not at all threatened by you. We are not even interested in talking to you if you are going to make ridiculous demands that no one will ever follow. We don’t want to deal with you under any circumstances.

This all might change once you want to have a dialogue about certain topics that you feel strongly about. Until then, it seems as if you will be angry and alone…and the rest of the world will go on without you.

Don’t worry. Men like me will live a beautiful life without all of the non-smiling masculine women. We can go through life being surrounded by positive people who are interested in being around members of the opposite sex. Those people who appreciate the beauty of being feminine. We will also go on with life surrounded by those women who appreciate the men who are masculine.

I highly suggest taking all of that negativity and stay indoors. No one really wants to be around such bd energy. Life is too short for contstant anger and rage.

Good luck on your issues and your man-hating campaign. I wish you well. Just stay away from us heterosexual men and women who cherish the differences between the sexes.


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