Fight Fire With Fire

There is no such thing as a “safe space.” Trigger warnings are a joke. There is no Titile IX when you step off of campus. Micro-aggressions are a part of life as a human being. 738 genders are as ridiculous as it sounds.

Like I’ve been saying for years, this nonsense going on in college campuses must be stopped. It has gotten way out of control and I’m so happy to see people pushing back using the same tactics used against them.

I know it certainly worked for me in the family court system. There are times when you have to fight fire with fire. Pushing back against these campus thugs is something that needed to be done for a while.
An excerpt from this:

At UC Davis, where student activists still hope to oust Chancellor Linda Katehi, critics of their activism are using concepts like “safe space” and “hostile climate” to attack it.

The student activists had occupied a small room outside Katehi’s office, planning to stay until their chancellor resigned or was removed from her post. By the time they left 36 days later, a petition that now bears roughly 100 signatures of UC Davis students and staff were demanding that they prematurely end their occupation, criticizing their tactics, and alleging a number of grave transgressions: The signatories accused the student activists of sexism, racism, bullying, abuse, and harassment, complaining that many who used the administration building “no longer feel safe.” The student activists say that those charges are unfair.

The conflict illustrates a pattern that campus observers are likely see more and more in coming years: Insofar as progressives succeed in remaking campuses into places unusually sensitive to psychological harms, where transgressing against “safe spaces” is both easy to do and verboten, confrontational activism will no longer be viable.

Read the entire piece HERE

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